Book of James: Chapter 4

James continues to talk to us about the trappings of self-righteousness. In chapter 4, we will examine what drives arguments, divisions, and arrogance in our groups.

James 4

Chapter 4 still does not change to the topic. James is very consistent in his message which is really an examination of why joy in suffering is so hard. It’s hard because the motivations behind service is often wrong. When we are focused on our own self-promotion, suffering is hard. If we are focused on something bigger than ourselves. If our motivations are found in our love for Jesus and our fellow man, then suffering actually has joyous rewards.

In this chapter James focuses on how we bicker and argue because of our pride. That our desires to promote ourselves are comes from our love of the world actually even if we disguise it as love for God. He implores us to draw close to God and serve people in love because our time on this earth is very limited.

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