C.S. Lewis

Join us as we travel through the wardrobe to examine another great name in Christian history… C.S. Lewis.

C.S. Lewis

Today we look at another great influencer in Christian History. The most reluctant convert himself, C.S. Lewis. One of the greatest apologists of the twentieth century, Lewis did not come around to Christianity easily. We are going to look at his life, his tragic pain, and his quest for joy.

Lewis’ life is one filled with loss, both of loved ones and faith. But it is also a journey into finding that faith through the examination of our nature and exploring what we know of God’s. We can watch him explore these aspects through both his fictional worlds he created along with the expansive depths of his apologetic works.

Lewis gifted us with a great collection to help us escape… and to find our faith. Or at the least, to understand it better. Between the 40’s and the 60’s Lewis gave us some of the best Christian writings of all time including: The Screwtape Letters, Surprised by Joy, Out of The Silent Planet, A Grief Observed, Mere Christianity, The Four Loves, The Great Divorce, and of course all seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia… just to name a few.

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