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Christian History Part 3 - The Middle AgesWe are back into our journey through Christian history. Today we are talking about the Middle Ages. Our crusade through time will begin in 1000AD and take us through 1499AD. Here are a few things we will be discussing:

First a note on the history of the English Language: Derived from the Anglo-Saxon dialect, West Saxon (Beowulf) then evolved into Middle English (Canterbury Tales) then Modern English (Shakespeare / KJV Bible)

Christian History 1000AD – 1499AD

1054 – The Great Schism – Following the death of the Patriarch of Rome Leo IX, papal legates (representatives of the pope) from Rome traveled to Constantinople to deny Michael Cerularius, the reigning Patriarch of Constantinople, the title of Ecumenical Patriarch and to insist that he recognize the Church of Rome’s claim to be the head and mother of the churches.

1071 – Seljuk Turks forbid Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem

1095-1099 – First Crusade to take the Holy Land from Muslim occupiers, recaptured in 1099

1119 – Knight’s Templar founded to protect pilgrimages to Jerusalem

1147 – Second Crusade

1150 – University of Paris, the first modern university compliments of the Church (Scholasticism)

1184 – First Inquisition against European “heresies”

1187 – Third Crusade (King’s Crusade) Richard I (the Lionheart)

1200 – St.Francis of Assisi

1220 – Dante Alighieri

1270 – Thomas Aquinas

1202-1272 – 4th – 9th Crusades

1307 – King Philip of France makes charges against the Templars which leads to an Inquisition and their dissolution

1377 – John Wycliffe called before a bishop, “to explain the wonderful things which had streamed forth from his mouth” (Wycliffe died in 1384 by a stroke)

1388 – Wycliffe Translation compiled

1399-1599 – Italian Renaissance

1400 – Roots of Protestantism with writers like Jan Hus

1415 – Council of Constance declared Hus a heretic who was burned at the stake. Wycliffe was dug up and burned. This started the Hussite War (3 crusades against the church. all failed)

1439 – Council of Florence was to end the Great Schism, but the people would not accept it

1453 – The Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople. Eastern Orthodox fell under Muslim rule for 400 years.

1480 – Spanish Inquisition – King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella formed another inquisition, originally to deal with distrusted ex-Jewish and ex-Muslim converts. Over a 350-year period, this Spanish Inquisition executed between 3,000 and 4,000 people, representing around two percent of those accused. The inquisition played a major role in the final expulsion of Islam from the kingdoms of Sicily and Spain

1492 – Columbus sailed the ocean blue

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