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Chronicles of the Nephilim
Welcome to Episode 20 of the Theonauts!

David and Jeremiah would like to say thank you for listening, as well as supporting us with prayer and encouragement. We love doing this show, and can’t wait to see how the Father uses it in the future!

On this episode of Theonauts we have a very special guest. Brian Godawa, a Hollywood screen writer best known for his screen play turned movie “To End All Wars”, has developed a new fictional series based on the antediluvian (pre-flood) time period. The series is entitled Chronicles of the Nephilim and deals specifically with the odd passages of scripture that discuss the “watchers”, or fallen angels. There will be eight novels total when completed, starting with Noah and ending with Jesus.

What are the Nephilim?

​Brian began developing these stories after deep study on some of the “weirder” texts of scripture such as Genesis 6, which tell of the “Sons of God” mating with the “daughters of men” producing the “Nephilim”, or giants. Through intrinsic research, Brian has retold this ancient story in a fantasy setting. At the end of each book, Brian includes appendices in which he chronicles his biblical and extra biblical support for the story he presents.

Listen in as Brian discusses with us about extra-biblical material, ancient religions and beliefs, the problem of the giants surviving the flood, and more. For more information about Brian Godawa and his series, visit his webpage below.

Show Resources

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Chronicles of the Nephilim Website
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