Church History Revised | The Theonauts 89

In this episode we revisit our Church History study to discuss common misunderstandings about Church History.

Church History Revised

It is so easy to lose track of where we’ve been historically. Although people have thoroughly documented their lives, beliefs, and practices, and although we have access to these writings over the past 2000 years, we often simply believe rumors, hearsay, and outright lies about the past.

The Theonauts have covered Church History quite extensively over the course of our program, but we felt compelled to revisit parts of it again because of the misinformation which readily gets repeated over social media, in Bible studies, and debates.

  • Best-selling authors would have us believe their research has discovered new truths about the formation of Christianity, only to contradict scores of documented first-hand accounts.
  • One of the ways to discount the Bible is to cast doubt on the authorship of the books regardless of what historical evidence exists for it.
  • Many people can’t comprehend anyone practicing Christianity differently than how we do today in our modern assemblies, but the reality is that most of our traditions are products of the dark ages and have been morphed over the years through doctrinal debates.
  • Many people think the King James Bible was the original Bible without realizing that Christianity existed without it for almost 1600 years.
  • Sometimes when doctrines are disagreed with history is actually revised to make the teachers of those doctrines into villains.

These are a few of the issues we plan on tackling today as we look some at how Church history has been revised and why.

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