On Fire for Jesus

What is the difference in being a Christian and being on fire for Jesus? Today we look at what should happen when we answer His calling.

On Fire for Jesus

We live in a society of Christians. Churches abound and pews are full. But how much fire do we have to this. Do we just go to Church on Sunday like we go to basketball on Tuesday? What makes the difference for us? Today we want to talk about what it means to be on fire for Jesus and how his calling is to burn our past and walk into a new future.

Elijah calls Elisha – 1 Kings 19:19-21
Elisha literally sets his past and his heart on fire when he is called by Elijah to follow God. He sacrificed his farm for this calling. He burned the very instruments of his career path. Why? Because this is how the heart that is on fire responds. We’ll see that every time someone is called to God in the Bible it results in a major change in our life: Moses, Abraham, and all the apostles are perfect examples of this.

We must learn to remove the shackles of the past to rise above it or to walk away from it if we need to. Sometimes if we are unwilling to do this, God himself will light your past on fire for you. We drag all this baggage of our past into our future. But Jesus calls us to drop the weight and move forward. We can travel much lighter than we think we can.

Finally we must listen to Jesus as He called His followers. He asks us to pick up our cross which means to lay down our lives for Him. True the burden is

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