Space, Time, and God

Today we look at the scientific possibilities of multiple dimensions in space and time and how that might affect our view of heaven and eternity.

Space, Time, and God

Today we want to examine the implications of our concept of different dimensions of space and time. Specifically, we’d like to examine the concept of time as a dimension and how God’s realm exists outside of our concept of time.

1) What do we mean by dimensions? We start by examining the dimensions we can observe and move in. What is 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, etc.?
2) What if Einstein was correct in his assessment that time is a 4th dimension linked to the physical properties of our current 3-dimensional space? How would this affect our understanding of those outside of it being able to freely move through it? How does that appear to those of us who can’t? And are there any examples of this type of movement given in scripture?
3) Finally, if we grasp time as just another dimension of this reality, how does that impact our personal view of atonement, heaven, and eternity?

Sure this topic is merely theoretical, but it could have to philosophical impacts on how we even view of our sins in our daily life as immediately impacting Jesus on the cross. Thus bringing the weight of it to light.

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