The Book of James: Chapter 1

Starting a new series on the Book of James. Starting with chapter 1 we discuss how joy in suffering works.

James Chapter 1

Coming off of our 5-week study of the 5 Solas of the reformation we found it oddly fitting to tackle the Book of James. Martin Luther did not like the Book of James and actually referred to it as a book of straw. However, James is so often misunderstood. James does not teach a doctrine that disagrees with Paul in spite of how it is often pitted against and used as a counter-argument to Romans or Galatians. Most of this controversy stems from drawing content from the back half of chapter 2 without the context of the letter up to that point.

We hope through this series to demonstrate how James is a champion of mercy and grace the same as Paul. Because of his driving need to help Jewish Christians endure persecution, he addresses it with a focus on how a Christian’s authenticity is demonstrated through loving activity in the face of trials.

Join us as we begin the study of this book. This week we are covering chapter one.

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