The Magnificat

Mary Christmas! Today we are celebrating the conception of Jesus with his mother as we look at her joyful song of praise.

The Magnificat

This Christmas we want to look at this beautiful song Mary breaks into as she celebrates the Father’s decision to bless her with the great responsibility of mothering His son. It is often referred to as the Magnificat. It is called that because the point of her song is to magnify God for his blessing. There are three parts to her song. She shares her overwhelming love for God, then talks about how God is blessing her, and then she spends the remainder of the song talking about God’s holy character.

We look at the importance of each of these parts along with Mary and Elizabeth’s humble attitudes that lead to what Mary is saying in the song. Finally we want to address how we can magnify God with our souls the way Mary does. How can she serve as an example? This Christmas, let our souls magnify the Lord along with Mary and may our spirit rejoice in Him!

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