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Christian History 4: The ReformationOnce again we venture into the days of churches past in our way-back machine.  We are finally making it out of the dark ages and into a time of reform.  Today’s topic is the 16th century.  So much happens in this century, it will dominate our discussion.  So join us, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and the rest as we examine the reformation.

In studying the reformation is important not to see the movement as a single movement started by one person. It truly was a perfect storm of new thinking coming from many different scholars in many different countries. And to top it off… they didn’t even always agree with each other!

Issues reformers disagreed about

  • Infant baptism (Luther and Calvin supported)
  • Transubstantiation  (Luther still supported)
  • Holy Icons (Luther still supported)
  • Sacraments of penance, confession, and absolution
  • Honoring the saints and Mary
  • Purgatory
  • Trinity (Unitarians disagreed)

Timeline for The Reformation in the 1500s

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