The Role of Women

We’ve talked about women a lot lately on the show and more than one have requested a study on the role of women, especially in ministry… so here goes.

The Role of Women

We know this will get us in trouble because this topic is so polarizing. We ask that you use us as an inspiration to further study. Our goal in this episode is to provide information on the topic that is not often brought up, not to create a license for change. The apostle Paul wrote on many controversial subjects and often had seemingly opposing things to say on a topic depending upon the audience and the culture being addressed. We hope that like him, you will emphasize what is best and right in any given situation for all involved. Let everything be done to promote peace and edification. All things are lawful… not all things are helpful.

We do believe many of the interpretations of these texts have been drawn using a flat hermeneutic instead of drawing from the writing’s context in an attempt to find the reason behind what is being taught. Many of the passages used on this topic were written to correct or temper very complex situations. So it is beneficial to our understanding to contemplate the issues of the day.

Disclaimer: As proud as we are… the Theonauts obviously do not have all the answers. We aren’t here to feed you. We are here to encourage you to make a sandwich. Let the Word feed you.


The following are a couple of resources used in the historical understanding of the first letter to Timothy and what life in Ephesus was like during that time.

Wealth in Ancient Ephesus and the First Letter to Timothy by Gary Hoag
Ephesiaca by Xenophon (50 AD)

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