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Why Can I Trust The Bible?

In this episode, we will begin to look at a miracle within our grasp. Here we will look at some of the properties of the book which helps us form our world views. Today we want to focus on the Bible itself. What is the Bible? Can I trust it? Is it just another religious text like the Quran or the writings of Confucius? I think through a series of close examinations we will find the Bible seems to contain certain qualities other religious writings lack. We will examine why the Bible is trustworthy. We hope to show why we can believe God authored it. This should bolster our faith, especially in light of the scientific evidence we will examine.

We will examine the truth of the Bible’s origin. It is not a book. It is a collection of books. It was not written by a handful of people trying to establish a religion. It was written by more than 40 different people over the course of over 1,500 years. These people did not have the advantage of sitting down with each other and talking it all out or planning it. Yet the writings all blend together smoothly. Patterns in the oldest writings coincide with patterns of the latest writings. The text is full of word play, acrostics, and patterns which could not be planned by mankind.

Science Lessons in the Bible

We pride ourselves in our scientific discoveries. We name things after their discoverers. We immortalize these pioneers in our textbooks. But what if someone else had already discovered these things and made it public record years before the supposed discovery? In many cases this is exactly what has happened. The Bible contains many things we have been discovering for years. Scientists do not bother to consult the Bible about such things, yet they were written in there over 2,000 years ago. Many statements about the creation in the Bible were also seen by scientists to be inaccurate only to be proven true later. Let’s examine a few of the discoveries we have made in science over the past few hundred years and how the Bible had detailed them in advance of our enlightenment.

In addition to the background of the Bible, we will discuss:

  • The message of Jesus being encoded in the text prior to the New Testament.
  • Equidistant lettering sequences reveal impossible patterns.
  • The uncanny way God used the number seven to put his fingerprint on the text.
  • The indestructibility of the message


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